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alias help

Posted By: raZOR

alias help - 16/04/05 05:30 PM

/version gets you server version info
and triggers raw 351 and 005

how can i in alias halt raw 005 but only for that alias ? (/version { })
so in other situations (like on connect) raw 005 still works ?
Posted By: BarGarth

Re: alias help - 16/04/05 06:19 PM

it isn't a very nice way to do it but it works for me

raw 005:*:{
  if (%version) { unset %version | haltdef }
alias version {
  set %version 1
Posted By: raZOR

Re: alias help - 16/04/05 10:30 PM

doesnt work but i fixed it :P
itz problem coz ur alias always loop :tongue:

thanks anyway
Posted By: Aenox

Re: alias help - 16/04/05 10:32 PM

try halt instead of haltdef and in alias version, .raw VERSION.
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