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Ban commande

Posted By: di_mis

Ban commande - 28/03/05 07:08 PM

is there a possible some members from my room without access to kick-ban a user with a ban commande?
see what i mean
i have a bot mirc ho is always a oper and i want when 2-3 members of my room (trusted -BUT not with access- i dont want to give theme access) to ban anyone they want, if they want, when they send a msg to the bot!
i dont now if it is possible but i mean something with on text
on *:text:!ban <nick>:#:{
if ($nick == <my member>) ...msg to a bot kick the user(maybe)
and when one of my members type this: !ban <nick> then the bot automaticly kicks the user that my member type it
It is possible???
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Ban commande - 28/03/05 07:50 PM

Hey di_mis. Try this it's pretty simple.

Right click in the nicklist, Add a user through "Commands List".

With this you cannot kick operators, and you can't kick the bot.

But these can easily be changed if you want those removed.

'Members' type !ban <Nick> <Reason>


!ban Andy Goodbye

You don't need to specify a reason. smile

menu nicklist {
  Commands List
  .Add: {
    if ($read(commands.lst,w,$address($$1,8))) { 
      echo 2 -a *** $$1 ( $+ $address($$1,8) $+ ) is already in commands list.
    else {
      echo 2 -a *** Added $$1 ( $+ $address($$1,8) $+ ) to commands list.
      .write commands.lst $address($$1,8)
  .Del: {
    if (!$read(commands.lst,w,$address($$1,8))) { 
      echo 2 -a *** $$1 ( $+ $address($$1,8) $+ )  isn't in commands list.
    else { 
      echo 2 -a *** Removed $$1 ( $+ $address($$1,8) $+ ) commands list.
      write -dw $+("*,$address($$1,8),*") commands.lst

on @*:Text:!ban *:#: {
  if ($read(commands.lst,w,$address($nick,8))) { 
    if ($2 ison $chan) &amp;&amp; ($2 !isop $chan) &amp;&amp; ($2 != $me) { ban -k $chan $2 3 $3- }

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Posted By: di_mis

Re: Ban commande - 28/03/05 09:01 PM

This is a great SladeKraven smile
it works fine
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu smile
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Ban commande - 28/03/05 09:05 PM

You're welcome. smile
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