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Posted By: omen_253

Check NIC - 18/03/05 04:28 PM

Ok I'm back for more of your wisdom , lol .I'm sure this has been asked befor I have look but can seem to find it , What i' looking for is ,script that wil check nic to see if it registered or not and if not kick it out of the room...
Thx for your help again..Something that will check them 'on join'
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Check NIC - 18/03/05 06:45 PM

Why don't you take the easy way out.

//mode $chan +R

Which stops people joining the channel who hasn't identified. This may vary on different IRCd's. I only use Conference Room servers so..
Posted By: Coolkill

Re: Check NIC - 20/03/05 11:02 AM

You would need to do (depending on your services/network),

On *:Join:[color:red]#:{ whois $nick }[/color]

Which would 'On Join', whois the nickname to check if it is identified..

Then use a RAW event to catch if the user is 'identified'.. i.e.

raw 307:*identified*:{ [color:red]your commands }[/color]

Baring in mind you also need to store the channel to be able to know where to kick them from, failing that, use $comchan($nick,N).

If however your IRCd software does not produce a 'raw 307' you will need to NOTICE nickserv hopefully if they support an 'ACC' command, then parse its return using ON NOTICE.

Eamonn Burns.
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