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small help

Posted By: alkahol1k

small help - 09/03/05 04:54 AM

I'm trying to make an alias that changes the color of my events all in one command. What is the command to color the inactive text when you have your 2nd editbox enabled ? I tried /color inactive text 14 and it doesn't seem to work i get this error: * /color: invalid parameters (line 132, schemes.mrc)
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: small help - 09/03/05 04:59 AM

/colour inactive <N>
Posted By: alkahol1k

Re: small help - 09/03/05 05:01 AM

Posted By: DaveC

Re: small help - 09/03/05 07:42 AM

hehe never even noticed it accepts /color or /colour I have both in some of my scripts.
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