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Posted By: Hive

mIRC Stats Update - 26/02/05 06:13 PM

I need a script for mIRC stats. I want it to update when someone in the channel types !update.

So, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,

- Phil.
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: mIRC Stats Update - 27/02/05 07:52 AM

Could you be a little more specific, what stats for mIRC, it's uptime? When connected to a server, show your online time, when in a channel, show the Op, Voice, Half Op, Regular users.
Posted By: Hive

Re: mIRC Stats Update - 28/02/05 06:20 PM

Google mIRC stats and read about it. It's a stat program that shows who's been online and how much they've spoken, etc.
Posted By: DaveC

Re: mIRC Stats Update - 01/03/05 12:16 AM

why dont you google it then and download and install it.
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