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Queueing DCC Sends

Posted By: k1ll3rz

Queueing DCC Sends - 07/02/05 04:10 PM

i was wondering is it possible to create a script that if im sending a file to the user when they type .get it would put the 2nd file in a queue position and when the first send to that user is done it sends them the next file they asked for. thanx
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Queueing DCC Sends - 08/02/05 12:58 AM

That sounds like a how a view mp3 servers send files, they alos let you do a !get for any other file, so i would assume that well do ya, try a mirc script site maybe?
Posted By: k1ll3rz

Re: Queueing DCC Sends - 12/02/05 07:44 AM

which scripts besides polaris has a dcc que script on it......thanx
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