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Are dialogs tied to a connection?

Posted By: TomT

Are dialogs tied to a connection? - 13/02/03 08:19 PM

I have a routine I am using to find nicks in channels. In a multi-server environment, I am having trouble. The dialog has the ability to select the active connection via a dropdown box. From there I am calling the nick search routine with $scid(N).routine and is designed to replace the nick value in an edit id. It works great when executed from a command line. But when called from a dialog.. it can only find nicks in the then active channel. When called from the dialog, I have verified that the N value in $scid is correct? Any ideas?
Posted By: TomT

Re: Are dialogs tied to a connection? - 14/02/03 04:20 AM

No need to respond. No, dialogs are not associated with connections and yes my script does work.. and yes I feel very foolish since the problem turned out to be duplicate versions of an alias.. unfortunately.. the one I was editing was being seen by mirc AFTER the unedited duplicate.. DOH!!!
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