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Email info?

Posted By: JAFO

Email info? - 01/02/05 02:03 PM

/who Nick, returns the user Nick's Full name, Nick name (of course) and User ID... Is there a command similar to the /who command that requests a users email address?
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Email info? - 01/02/05 04:37 PM

CTCP Finger replies with the email address setting, /ctcp nickname finger. (Although I realise this isn't exactly similar to the /who command, it's the closest I can think of).

Posted By: JAFO

Re: Email info? - 01/02/05 05:04 PM

Thanks, i didnt think i would be so lucky with that. I imagine i could just add a finger on request when i think it might be a specific person.
Posted By: Doqnach

Re: Email info? - 02/02/05 10:46 AM

do note that alot of people don't use their real email address in the email field
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