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$fserv and $chat Missing Feature?

Posted By: accessx

$fserv and $chat Missing Feature? - 13/12/02 09:52 PM

I ran into this problem,
I have One Fserve Window Open Serving NickA and I have a DCC chat Window open with NickA, $chat(0) returns 1 and $fserv(0) returns 1, $chat(1) returns NickA and so does $fserv(1), so how do I send a /msg to NickA on to the DCC chat window? /msg =NickA will send it to the first open DCC window..
Posted By: FunChatter

Re: $fserv and $chat Missing Feature? - 13/12/02 10:03 PM

Streight from the helpfile:

Returns the name of the Nth open dcc chat window.

Properties: ip, status, cd

$fserv(0) returns the total number of open fserves
$fserv(1) returns the nickname of the 1st fserve
$fserv(1).cd returns the current directory of the 1st fserve

If you specify a nick and N, it will return info on the Nth window for that nick.

/help $chat

Posted By: Merlin

Re: $fserv and $chat Missing Feature? - 13/12/02 10:06 PM

//echo -a $chat(0) returns the number of open DCC chats
If you have 2 chats open you can to this
//msg $+(=,$chat(1)) test1
//msg $+(=,$chat(2)) test2

This works the same way with $get, $send and $fserv
Posted By: accessx

Re: $fserv and $chat Missing Feature? - 13/12/02 10:10 PM

$chat(0) only sees the 1 DCC chat window..
$fserv(0) only sees the 1 Fserve Window.. Both identifiers return the same nick because the nick is in my DCC chat and my Fserve Window.

Both $chat(1) and $fserv(1) returns the same nick..

See I'm serving NickN on my Fserve
And Chatting With NickN on a separate DCC Chat window..
/msg =Nickn will only send the message to the first open DCC window, in this case The Serve Window gets the message because it was the first open. I want to direct all my msg's to NickN's DCC chat window while the serv window with NickN is open.
Posted By: Cobra

Re: $fserv and $chat Missing Feature? - 13/12/02 10:26 PM

i see what your saying, although i dont have a solution for you...

realy i'm a bit suprized that mirc alowed you to creat the dcc chat window while having an fserv window open .. unfortuantly i dont have the ability to do any testing right now to try to find a work around ..

i know there is a queryrn command but i doubt it works for dcc chats .. if it did though u could rename the dcc chat window ..

unless someone else knows somethign i dont u might wana put this in the bug reports section.

Posted By: Merlin

Re: $fserv and $chat Missing Feature? - 13/12/02 10:38 PM

Lets clear out a few things:
Basically: FSERVE and CHAT, are the same thing. and /msg =NICK is how you msg both types of events.
You are trying to figure out how mIRC can msg both since it always msg'd the FIRST window - ie) you have Chat, Fserve - /msg =nick will ONLY msg the chat window, and vice versa.
Since mIRC ALLOWS this connection - the only way would be to find out which "port"/"wid" each of the connection uses. mIRC currently does not support this feature.
So what you have to do, is find out (or script it) in which order those DCC connections are opened. then you might be able to address the right window - but not both.
Posted By: Coolkill

Re: $fserv and $chat Missing Feature? - 13/12/02 11:02 PM

The basic principal in a solution would lie in the fact that mIRC is general EVENT driven. For Example:

(&) Text said in a Dcc Chat, would be triggered ON CHAT, and you would then use /msg =$nick inside that and mIRC would automatically know where to send it, and vice versa the same is true of ON FSERV.

The problem would arrise however when both Chat and Fserv were open and you were calling /msg = from anywhere other than the on chat/fserv events.

Perhaps a better way of differing from chat and fserv should be thought of in later versions.
Posted By: Cobra

Re: $fserv and $chat Missing Feature? - 13/12/02 11:08 PM

Merlin is reporting the bug and it can be asumed that some arangment will be made for later versions

i have a few ideas on ways to solve this problem but we will let Khaled deside on that :P

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