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Posted By: ricky_knuckles

version reply - 18/12/04 08:35 AM

hi again
i was just wondering if you can change a version reply
and if so how
Posted By: krunch

Re: version reply - 18/12/04 09:28 AM

/help ctcp
to list the command but here is a code snipplet

ctcp 1:version:?:{ ctcpreply $nick VERSION this is my version }
Posted By: Seifer

Re: version reply - 18/12/04 10:37 AM

You can add your own version reply using the script provided by krunch, but you cannot halt the default version reply.
Posted By: krunch

Re: version reply - 18/12/04 11:34 AM

you can, there is dll's and exe hax that take it out
but be proud of using mIRC, its the king chat client
Posted By: Relinsquish

Re: version reply - 18/12/04 10:36 PM

You can ignore all CTCPs using /ignore -t *!*@*. That is the only way to halt ctcps like VERSION. Then create an alias to parse debug lines and catch CTCPs:

Alias Debug_Parse {
  ; Parse debug messages
  window -h $+(@Debug,$Cid)
  .debug -i $+(@Debug,$Cid) Debug_Parse 
  .ignore -tw *!*@*
Posted By: Seifer

Re: version reply - 19/12/04 12:18 AM

That's true, but the reason I didn't mention it is because I believe the version reply shouldn't be altered in any way. Give credit where credit is due.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: version reply - 19/12/04 09:14 AM

Changing the version reply is not only lame, but it will also often get you banned from channels. I know of quite a few ops of #mirc channels who will ban a user without question should they have 'hexed' the version reply.

I question the usefulness of helping someone with something that is considered by the majority lame, unfair and also something which will result in them getting banned in channels.

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