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on ^*:connect

Posted By: saragani

on ^*:connect - 18/10/04 04:08 PM

My mIRC is set to rejoin channels on connect. One of the channels requires nick registeration, so I made a script which automatically sends the password for nickserv.

Since I wanna send the message to nickserv before the On Connect event activates mIRC functions (Like rejoin channels), I wanted to use on ^*:connect, but then it doesn't catch the event.
When using on *:connect, then it sends the join channel command before the message to nickserv, and then the server gives an error that I need to register my nick in order to join that channel, and I need to rejoin the channel manualy.

Is there a solution for this?

Posted By: Daedalus

Re: on ^*:connect - 18/10/04 04:43 PM

Catch the notice from NickServ saying "you are now identified" with the "on notice" event, then have the event join the channels...
Posted By: qwerty

Re: on ^*:connect - 18/10/04 04:47 PM

Since the 001 numeric reply comes before the end of MOTD (which is when on connect triggers), you can try something like this:
raw 1:*: ns identify password
Posted By: qwerty

Re: on ^*:connect - 18/10/04 05:00 PM

This is possible only if he uses a scripted auto-rejoin and not mIRC's built-in stuff (like autojoin channels in Favorites, enabled "Rejoin channels on connect" option etc).
Posted By: saragani

Re: on ^*:connect - 18/10/04 05:00 PM

thanks qwerty, I'm gonna try it.
Posted By: saragani

Re: on ^*:connect - 18/10/04 05:34 PM

Nope, it doesn't work. I just checked it myself on a channel I have created:

#saragani Cannot join channel (+R)
* saragani sets mode: +R

I'm gonna try Daedalus idea by setting mIRC to keep channels open, and then rejoin the channels one by one.
Posted By: qwerty

Re: on ^*:connect - 18/10/04 07:06 PM

Hmm too bad. I tested something that I thought is equivalent and it worked for me: I did a
//nickserv identify password | chanserv access #mychannel list
and chanserv replied with the access list, meaning that it recognized my identify command that came right before (otherwise chanserv would have said "access denied")
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