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Posted By: Darkhound

Shoutcast - 16/10/04 07:49 AM

Hey mIRC scripters/experts

Is there any easy scripts out there or bots which would allow me to display whos DJing on a shoutcast server and what song is currently playing?
Posted By: Davman

Re: Shoutcast - 17/10/04 01:22 AM

I wrote a radiobot in mIRC that is currently being used on www.suprnovaradio.org and radio.star-fury.com.

It's not for mass distribution though. It's still my baby smile

Let me know if you want a copy.

Posted By: Armada

Re: Shoutcast - 04/11/04 09:27 PM

<removed flame>
Posted By: Davman

Re: Shoutcast - 10/11/04 01:21 AM

*cough, splutter*

<removed flame>

It bothers me not.

Anywhooo's, the code IS used by novastream.org (currently website of the month on astalavista.com).

Somewhat beside the point. If you want a copy, drop me a mail from my website (in my profile I think).



<removed flame>
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