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help with $replace

Posted By: JAFO

help with $replace - 04/10/04 11:17 PM

  on 1:INPUT:*: {
  if ($1 == wins) msg $active $replace($1,!top10) 

Just messin around with the replace command and seems i am stumped... if i remove the replace command it does what i want but it messages the channel with "wins" and then "!top10".
Now when i have the replace command in there i get
* Invalid parameters: $replace (line 6, script1.ini)
in the active channel.
So where am i going wrong with this?
Posted By: wiebe

Re: help with $replace - 04/10/04 11:44 PM

you seem to be missing a parameter, example: $replace(text,replace-what,replace-with)
Posted By: Zyzzyx26

Re: help with $replace - 04/10/04 11:48 PM

You can halt the ON Input event, if you wish to, and then /msg whatever you like to the channel/query. Try this: on 1:INPUT:*: if ($1 == wins) { halt | msg $active !top10 }

Hope this can help smile
Posted By: JAFO

Re: help with $replace - 05/10/04 02:18 AM

Thanks , i used the $request example and managed to figure it out. Just dont know what use i would have for it though.
I dont think it would apply to what i was doing ... i was just messing with that command because i ran into it in my search to get what i wanted done(just tryin to learn anything new i can wink ).
And thank you for showing me the proper placement of the halt command , that really helped...
Thanks Again Guys/Galls!
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