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hide @links window

Posted By: Canario

hide @links window - 29/09/04 10:57 PM

How I can hide @links window before its being displayed, when I execute /links command.
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: hide @links window - 29/09/04 11:08 PM

raw 364:*:{ 
  ;here you can do things with the raw output:
  ;$1 is your nick.
  ;$2 is the server name.
  ;$3 is the network name.
  ;$4 is the number of hops to that server (I think, not too sure about this)
  ;$5 is the location of the server.
  ;the following stops the window from opening
Posted By: Canario

Re: hide @links window - 29/09/04 11:37 PM

Me too had thought the same, but halting raw 364 only halt the links info, this does not avoid that window was opened.

RAW 364:*:{ halt } shows the @links window empty. I want that the window doesn´t be visible.

Thanks for your help tidy_trax!

Posted By: Zyzzyx26

Re: hide @links window - 29/09/04 11:43 PM

Does raw 364:*: { window -c @Links | halt } do anything? The net I frequent has blocked /links so I'm not sure who to work with it.
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: hide @links window - 30/09/04 12:01 AM

Ah, I automatically assumed it would behave the same as the channel list window.

Use what Zyzzyx26 said, but change -c to -h smile
Posted By: Seifer

Re: hide @links window - 30/09/04 07:51 AM

raw 364:*: {
  .timer 1 0 window -h "Links List"

For some reason I couldn't get it to work without the timer, but this should get you started.
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