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$lines help please

Posted By: baron

$lines help please - 22/09/04 07:23 PM

im sure this will be very simple for most to answer, if i have a txt in my mirc directory, and in the txt lets say there are 15 lines, i want to set a variable to a specific line within that txt and need help doing so.

txt = rrmp3.txt

command = set %rrtemp $lines(rrmp3.txt)

now i know that will just set the variable to the number of lines in the txt, but i want to make it more specific and change that command to a specific line so that variable will be set to whatever it is in that line....so lets say i want to set the variable to line 7, how do i do it?
Posted By: Coolkill

Re: $lines help please - 22/09/04 07:48 PM

$read(rrmp3.txt, N)

Where, N is the line number, using $read() without a line number will result in a random line.

Posted By: baron

Re: $lines help please - 22/09/04 07:55 PM

i knew it was something as simple as that, leave it to the weed and [censored] man, haha thanks alot btw really appreciate it
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