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write -ds

Posted By: mIRCd

write -ds - 03/02/03 07:27 PM

ok, im trying to make a playlist editor thing for my mp3 player and have got it working that when you select a file to add it writes the fullpath and filename to a file called list.txt

after getting this all working i decided to try to get it working to delete the line of text with the path and filename... but came across a problem... it doesnt work

ive tried using the following bits:

on *:dialog:m:dclick:15: {
set %mp3 $did(15).seltext
.timerUPDATEmp3 0 1 update.pbar

and then as part of another on dialog event:
if ($did == 21) {
write -ds $+ %mp3 list.txt

but alas nothing.... i even tried
write -ds $+ $did(15).seltext list.txt

so can anyone help me out... thanks!!!
Posted By: Online

Re: write -ds - 03/02/03 07:39 PM

If the text is more than one word, it must be enclosed by quotes

write -ds[color:red]"[/color] $+ %mp3 $+ [color:red]"[/color] list.txt
Posted By: mIRCd

Re: write -ds - 03/02/03 09:26 PM

Thankyou very much!!! grin works fine now
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