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Possible bug with windows columns

Posted By: saragani

Possible bug with windows columns - 25/07/04 10:19 PM

For some reason (I think that it happens when the data which is inserted the columns is bigger than the lenght of the columsn), clicking the line that was added sometime causes a blink in the text.

For example:

/window -aln -t2,3,6,8,10 @saragani
//aline @saragani aaaaaaaaaa $chr(9) bbbbbbbbbb $chr(9) cccccccccc $chr(9) dddddddddd $chr(9) eeeeeeeeee $chr(9) ffffffffff

Now clicking on the line that just added (Try it more than once, cause it doesn't always happens) will cause the text to blink for a moment on a different position.

On the example I gave, the problem isn't that bad, but in some causes it is realy ugly. I tried printscreening it, but it is impossible to do it (Possible maybe only with screen video capturing).

I hope that someone understands what I wanted to say....
Posted By: Venoman

Re: Possible bug with windows columns - 25/07/04 10:23 PM

sorry, I don't get any sort of glitch like that. it simply selects the line. I'm on win98 and mirc 6.16 if that makes any difference to you.

Posted By: Seifer

Re: Possible bug with windows columns - 25/07/04 11:19 PM

The only time I get a blinking effect is when I click on the line and than click somewhere else within the window. I'm guessing it's a WinXP thing because it doesn't do that on my Win2k system.
Posted By: saragani

Re: Possible bug with windows columns - 26/07/04 08:51 AM

At least I know I'm not the only one. I was meant to post it in the bugs report, but I accidently posted it in the scripts forum.

I don't have 2000 or 98, so I can't confirmed if its actualy a XP problem only.
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