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Catching Triggers

Posted By: Larvae

Catching Triggers - 24/07/04 07:11 AM

I used to have a script, Apocalypse Now, but it's gone and no longer maintained. Anyways, in that script was the ability to double click on FServe triggers, it was really helpful so I didn't have to copy and paste them. Now it didn't work if there were spaces, ie = !umptysquats files but it would catch !umptysquats_files .I've been searching around and I can't find an addon or code for it anywhere and it's out of my mIRC coding range. Was wondering if i could get any help with it please?
Posted By: Venoman

Re: Catching Triggers - 24/07/04 03:46 PM

scripting an ad capturer isn't just a line or two of code; it's a bit trickier than that. Do a google search for "mirc ad capturer" or similar; I guarantee there are standalone addons out there that handle it.

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