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Posted By: Armada DDE - 21/07/04 08:57 AM
Was just wondering if anyone knew the dde commands for winamp? or a way to find them

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Posted By: Coolkill Re: DDE - 21/07/04 09:16 AM
I'm not actually sure you can, nor would it be a good idea to use Winamp via DDE, a simple alternative (simple because its already done for you), would be to use COM Objects, see here for a tutorial by Hammer.

Posted By: Armada Re: DDE - 21/07/04 09:22 AM
Cool thanks that would help, Im writing a script that receives a udp from our site and I have a script catch it I use the run winamp /ADD song but that can be laggy Ill look at the com
Posted By: cgfiend Re: DDE - 21/07/04 04:09 PM
Along the same lines... I've written a program in VB that uses DDE to talk to MIRC. If anyone needs some sample (VB) code let me know. smile The only problem with VB is the communication is one-way (at least it was at the time I wrote it, a few MIRC versions back)... from VB to MIRC.
Posted By: Online Re: DDE - 21/07/04 10:50 PM
I'd like to see an example, thanks smile
Posted By: cgfiend Re: DDE - 22/07/04 04:48 AM
This example allows you to send commands to MIRC. Make sure your DDE server is on in MIRC (it is by default). Do /DDEServer to find out if it is on. The DDE server should be named MIRC for this to work. If you connect to more than one server at a time there's a chance MIRC will lock up when you try to send a command. I cannot take credit for part of this code since I found it on the net. It works great.

Add this sub into a VB project. Make sure it has a text box named "text1"...

Private Sub mIRCCommand(Cmd As String)

On Error GoTo problem

'Create a DDE connection
If Text1.LinkMode = vbNone Then
Text1.LinkTopic = "MIRC|COMMAND"
' Set link topic.
Text1.LinkMode = vbLinkManual
' Set link mode.
End If

Text1.LinkExecute "/dde mirc command " & Chr$(34) & Chr$(34) & " " & Cmd

Exit Sub


' Uh-oh, there was an error
MsgBox Err.Description

End Sub
Posted By: Online Re: DDE - 23/07/04 04:26 PM
That's simpler than I expected wink

Thanks, I'll keep it in mind.
Posted By: Fanged Re: DDE - 22/08/05 04:46 AM
Sorry to drag up an old post.

I'm writing an app in VB6. Is it possible to connect to the mIRC DDE server with
 LinkMode = Notify 
, or even
  LinkMode = Automatic 
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