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Posted By: naval mIRC scripting manual? Is it somewhere? - 15/07/04 05:45 PM
I`m not so good in scripting and programming, but I know, that for is possible to learn it.

And the problem is : where I can find all the scripting commands, such as run, say, on OPEN, on JOIN, etc.

Maybe somewhere in internet is some kind of instruction: "How to make scripts in the simpliest way" wink

Or something like this? To have the basic knowledge before mIRC script making ?

English is not my native, so it is hard for me to describe all the items required for me, but I think the previous statements are the good example showing what I need ...


P.S. Excuse for lamer`s question... smirk
/help is the best manual (type it in any window)
There is the helpfile, which contains almost all of the on EVENTS, commands and identifiers used in mIRC scripting. Type /help to open it.

There are also many good tutorials available on the internet, try www.mircscripts.org or searching Google for tutorials.

For help with a specific mIRC function you can type /help [color:green]topic[/color] e.g. /help on TEXT.
Posted By: MIMP Re: mIRC scripting manual? Is it somewhere? - 16/07/04 01:46 AM
I highly recommend reading chapter 7 of the mIRC FAQ. This is possibly the best resource for learning the basics.
Posted By: Cyclone Re: mIRC scripting manual? Is it somewhere? - 16/07/04 07:21 AM
The mIRC helpfile is my bible! Anything I can't work out from there I come here and ask the experts smile

type in mIRC:
/help <topic> or /help

it's pretty comprehensive grin
For best performances you can use the new file format -> CHM..
That is converted from hlp&full targeted.. So now you don't need to scroll at each topic..

Right now i don't have my pc.. So it have some time to update it to the new 6.16 hlp version.. Also it may have a lot of bugs(not converted good)..


Ohh.. Eeh.. Download from here -> http://ournet.md/~mIRC/Mirc6.14.5.chm
I already scan it with a online antivirus.. Pls scan it again with your own..

That is first public release.. Lolz.. Kind of beta..
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