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Posted By: Cyclone /titlebar question - 15/07/04 08:29 AM
//titlebar v $+ $version - $me on $network

The above command will change my titlebar text... but there's still the status/current server text appearing after it. Is there any way to just have the text you specify displayed on the titlebar without the rest of the jargon?

Thanks in advance laugh
Posted By: Marantz Re: /titlebar question - 15/07/04 10:25 AM
i used to add $str($chr(160),100) after the text you want in the titlebar to push it off the titlebar, but it depends what font you use in it, that worked for me anyway.
Posted By: Demon256 Re: /titlebar question - 15/07/04 04:13 PM
yea as far as i know thats like the only way to "eliminate" the rest of the titlebar. unless you use some dll or something. try checking the dll archive on www.mircscripts.org
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