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Posted By: xxxYODAxxx

how? - 02/07/04 09:55 PM

ok, a friend and i are trying to figure out how to pull info from this line(s):

[5:44pm] <nick> -> irc.server.com NOTICE nick1 : DCC Send something.txt (
[5:44pm] <nick> -> irc.server.com PRIVMSG nick1 :DCC
SEND something.txt 211801718 1025 16762

the above is in the debug window.. but i dont see a raw or identifier for it.. is there a way to get it? and what is the 211801718 number.. the rest i know.. any help would be great.

<edit> irc.server.com NOTICE nick1 : <no space> DCC Send
darn emoticons laugh

-cheers -thx in advance

Posted By: Venoman

Re: how? - 02/07/04 10:11 PM

I dont know the raw associated with that offhand, but here's a little debugger I use all the time:

;raw *:*: { echo -a $numeric $+ : $1- }

Remove the ; from in front of raw *:*: whenever you need to see what raws are being used, then put it back when you're done.

Posted By: xxxYODAxxx

Re: how? - 02/07/04 10:31 PM

yes i tried that already.. i do the same thing.. well i put it to status wink
Posted By: Sigh

Re: how? - 03/07/04 04:46 AM

You can intercept both lines individually using their respective event handlers. The first is a notice and its information can be grabbed through the following method:

on ^*:notice:DCC Send *:?:{ 
  echo $color(i) -ea $nick $4 is preparing to DCC Send you $3

The ^ event prefix works with the /haltdef command to hide the notice you would normally see, should you want to hide it.

To grab the next set of information you simply use a CTCP event with "DCC Send" as matchtext:

ctcp *:DCC Send:*:{ echo $color(i) -ea $nick ( $+ $longip($4) $+ ) is now sending you $3 ( $+ $bytes($6).suf $+ ) on port $5 }

As you can see, I used that number you were referring to (211801718 in your case) and turned it into an IP Address. This is known as the long value of an IP address and you can convert it both ways using the $longip identifier.

Of course there is another method of parsing this information through means of the /debug -i command which I can offer information upon should you require it.
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