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Convert .tcl to .mrc

Posted By: aZnLupin

Convert .tcl to .mrc - 12/12/02 03:03 AM

help me, how do i convert anti-sock script of eggdrop to anti-sock of mirc. If not, can u help me kline user if who use sock try to connect to my channel ?
Posted By: Cobra

Re: Convert .tcl to .mrc - 12/12/02 03:31 AM

although i'm having trouble figuring out exactly what your asking

note that there is no 100% accurate way to know if a user is connected via a socket script or by a real client, this is because a socket script can be coded to perfectly emulate a client, it could make you think it was anythign it wanted.

you see, clients use 'sockets' to connect also, its just hard coded, rather than scripted .. its all the same kind of connection ( TCP )

there are a few things you could try .. but anyone wanting to get around them easily could...

Posted By: moho

Re: Convert .tcl to .mrc - 12/12/02 08:10 AM

I sort of suspect he actually wants to detect clients using open SOCKS proxies, but admittedly it's a bit hard to tell. Either way there's nothing I know of that can automatically convert TCL scripts to mIRC ones. You just have to know what it's doing and make mIRC do the same thing by writing an equivalent script yourself.
Posted By: GrimZ

Re: Convert .tcl to .mrc - 12/12/02 09:35 AM

I don't think there is either moho. I've not found any to convert my TCL's to mIRC... but who would want to? TCL is far more powerful and quicker .... besides, half the stuff you do in TCL wouldn't work in mIRC so it's sorta pointless IMO.
Posted By: Aubs

Re: Convert .tcl to .mrc - 12/12/02 01:19 PM

Look around at different scripts...

I've got one that has an option to scan each user that joins a channel for open proxies...If you find one, modify it to kick the user (with valid reason eg. "Open Proxy Detected") and set a permanent ban to block that user. I "think" its quite easy...I did take one from a complete script and modify it myself, but am at work so don't have it to hand sorry frown
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