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Posted By: MiNouH

/splay - 14/05/04 09:35 AM

I played my mp3 with the comm /splay and it works quite good.
But since I've added some CODEC, the sound is bugging with the same comm...
could I know hos to fix that? may be, I should replace some codec or dll? but which?
thx smile
Posted By: SergioNL

Re: /splay - 15/05/04 04:31 AM

that bug is old, but somehow it doesnt happen in wmp itself(mIRC uses that engine for splay).

try using some external sound system if you want to avoid that (like fmod for mirc dll on mircscripts.org)
Posted By: SergioNL

Re: /splay - 15/05/04 04:37 AM

ohyeah forgot to tell wich codec it was, if you want to fix it that way lol

if you remove the ac3 sound codec it should work fine again, that was what the problem here is
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