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Posted By: andymps SendMessage() - 07/05/04 08:53 AM
is SendMessage() Only for C++ or can it be used with .Net aswell???
Posted By: ATMA Re: SendMessage() - 07/05/04 12:04 PM
uhh.... what does this have to do w/ mirc scripting?
Posted By: andymps Re: SendMessage() - 07/05/04 12:52 PM
SendMessage is what u use to send commands to mirc from other programs.... thats what....
Posted By: tidy_trax Re: SendMessage() - 07/05/04 12:59 PM
This would of been better suited for the developer forum, " This forum is for scripters, and for developers of applications that work with mIRC."

Anyway.. i don't think it is for anything except c++, i could be wrong though.
Posted By: Axiom Re: SendMessage() - 11/05/04 12:47 AM
SendMessage(), If I remember correctly...is a windows API command you can use with programs like mIRC and Winamp to send/retreive commands and info, such as channel names and song titles.

its not inherantly C++ ONLY...but to use it in VB you would need to make the API declaration. I wouldn't recommend it with javascript or VBscript..you'll trigger all sorts of anti-virus detections if its even supported wink
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