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Replace CTCP Version Reply

Posted By: Relinsquish

Replace CTCP Version Reply - 09/04/04 05:16 AM

Help me with this. It shows my ctcp version reply but it also shows the original one too although I put /halt at end.
ctcp *:version:*: { ctcp $nick VERSION 14,1[ 3$15quishy3$15cript 14] 14,1[ 3V15ersion 3215.2 14] [ 3R15eleased: 3A15pril 3615th 3215004 14] [ 3m15IRC 3615.14 14] [ 3C15reated 3B15y: 3R15elinsquish 14] | halt }
Posted By: PastMaster

Re: Replace CTCP Version Reply - 09/04/04 08:19 AM

Under /help ctcp events you will find this:

Note: You can't prevent the standard version reply from being sent.

You cannot remove or supress mIRC's own version reply without making changes to the executable - which is prohibited by the terms of the license agreement.

Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: Replace CTCP Version Reply - 09/04/04 03:50 PM

again, i don't agree with changing the version reply, but i don't agree with giving false info either, it can be done using /debug -i
Posted By: Deep3D

Re: Replace CTCP Version Reply - 09/04/04 09:46 PM

You can allways try: <inappropriate information deleted by moderator>
Posted By: PastMaster

Re: Replace CTCP Version Reply - 10/04/04 12:10 PM

And I don't like helping people to do things that are specifically prohibited by the license agreement, and which are to the detriment of the program author (who has explained his reasons for not wanting to allow version changes).

I'm well aware of the options, including /debug and dlls, but I don't really think it serves any useful purpose to help people with such flagrant disrespect for the program and its author.

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