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Posted By: droi Crontab or Botchk - 04/04/04 02:51 PM
Is there a mIRC addon or something like that that works like crontab or Botchk? This addon should restart mIRC when it crashes ( I guess it should be a *.bat file or *.exe ).

Does anybody has a clue?
Posted By: sparta Re: Crontab or Botchk - 04/04/04 04:00 PM
They have that in windop bot, i guess you can look how they did it in that one..
Posted By: droi Re: Crontab or Botchk - 04/04/04 05:12 PM
It triggers when the *.pid isn't active anymore... but mIRC doesn't generate a file like that so I don't know what to do :s
Posted By: sparta Re: Crontab or Botchk - 04/04/04 09:23 PM
well, windrop must be checking it somhow.. so they have figured out a way, maybe mail the author of windrop and ask him if he can share the information with you? smile and if he does, pls give us feed back on how he does it.. dont have time to look at it my self.. smirk
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