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on fail small remote

Posted By: r00ted

on fail small remote - 15/03/04 04:38 PM

Hey guys, I got the following remote:
on *:GETFAIL:*.txt:{ ignore -ct $address( $nick,3 ) }

basically, i want the remote to ignore the "IP address", right now it looks like it is ignoring the hostname address as shown in the few examples below:

but, then there is also


where it managed to ignore the IP address.

So, how would i make it ignore IP addresses?

thanks much!
Posted By: Online

Re: on fail small remote - 15/03/04 07:26 PM

On IRC you don't ignore IPs, you ignore hosts; and whether the host is a numeric IP, a resolved address or a funny quote is up to the server. You can still get the sender's IP from $get($nick).ip, but if you try to /ignore it chances are that it won't have any effect.
Posted By: r00ted

Re: on fail small remote - 15/03/04 07:32 PM

oh wow lol. well, I have had luck using /ignore (example only)

but of course, itll ignore all nicks who use/get that IP address, so if "George" is online with taht IP, itll ignore him, but if George logs off his ISP, and Ben signs into his ISP and gets that IP Address, it will also ignore Ben as well. Had no problem with using /ignore ip values before to ignore text from nicks. was just hoping there could be a way to ignore the IP instead so i can check my firewalls logs to see if it was an access violation or if it was just a time out.
Posted By: Online

Re: on fail small remote - 15/03/04 07:50 PM

It is possible that /ignore on an IP will work, but only if that's the user's hostname. Usually the host is a resloved address, because the server is doing a /dns on your IP whenever you connect.
Posted By: r00ted

Re: on fail small remote - 16/03/04 03:48 AM

oh ok. is there any "extensive" scripting possible that would let it ignore the IP address? I noticed when they initiate the DCC connect, it shows the sender's IP address in the status, any way for mIRC to grab that address? :P
Posted By: Online

Re: on fail small remote - 16/03/04 03:40 PM

Ctcp *:dcc send *:?:{
var %ip = $longip($gettok($1-,-3,32))
echo -s IP of $nick is: %ip
if %ip == { halt }

If you want to see the format of the CTCP message, open a debug window by typing: /debug @debug. It is also recommended that you read /help dcc resume protocol
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