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time zones

Posted By: krunch

time zones - 08/02/04 08:54 PM

ive gone dumb from beer!
i cant think how to make the inners of a script to display different timezones

using $asctime or something along them lines
dont want to use socketsto connect to a worldtime site
Posted By: fxmakers

Re: time zones - 08/02/04 09:23 PM


You can use $ctime (unix timestamp) adding/substr 3600 for incrementing/decr GMTs.

For e.j., $calc($ctime + 3600) is GMT+1 (if you're in London)
+7200 is GMT+2
Posted By: krunch

Re: time zones - 10/02/04 10:56 AM

cheers bro

....one more thing.... u would'nt know where i can get a list of all the gmt+* ?
Posted By: fxmakers

Re: time zones - 10/02/04 11:14 AM


Using the Windows time and date properties in the taskbar, you have the whole list.
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