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Posted By: sparta

$$dir - 21/01/04 04:42 PM

set %sound $$dir="$mircdirwav,Select AwayPager Sound" *.wav

that one dont work as i want it to.. any way you can make it open the "wav" dir? that opens only the mirc dir, somone that have smart ideas about how make it open the wav dir, then set the file exstention as *.wav so all you see in that folder is the wav files? im stuck here :tongue:
Posted By: EVH

Re: $$dir - 21/01/04 04:52 PM

set %sound $$sdir($wavedir,Select a Directory)


set %sound $$sfile($wavedir*.wav,Select a File)
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: $$dir - 21/01/04 04:55 PM

you reversed them.

$sfile gets the "Select a file" heading, and $sdir gets "Select a directory"
Posted By: EVH

Re: $$dir - 21/01/04 04:56 PM

yeah lol .. just noticed it myself .. thx smirk
Posted By: sparta

Re: $$dir - 21/01/04 05:14 PM

$$sfile($wavedir*.wav,Select a File)
didnt work, it open the "sound" folder, i need it to open a folder named "wav".. so i need somthing like $mircdir/wav :tongue:
Posted By: EVH

Re: $$dir - 21/01/04 05:17 PM

Well if you have a folder in your mIRC
folder named 'wav' you can use this
set %sound $$sfile(wav\*.wav,Select a File)

If the wav folder doesn't exist, it
will just return your mIRC folder.
Posted By: sparta

Re: $$dir - 21/01/04 05:46 PM

thnx. that worked smile
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