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initialization warning

Posted By: mbot

initialization warning - 14/01/04 03:18 PM


I know I can diable the initialization warning in the options for the scripts editor, but I've been wondering if one can do it in one of the files instead, e.g. mirc.ini. Can this be done ?
Posted By: Man

Re: initialization warning - 14/01/04 03:28 PM

Check out the tutorial section of mircscripts.org for a mirc.ini tutorial.

Wait ill give you a direct link clicky
Posted By: Fibsi

Re: initialization warning - 14/01/04 03:34 PM

try mIRC.ini Unleashed 6.12.01 for mIRC 6.12 @ www.mishscript.de

n5 - Pos: 27 - 1 - Default: On


edited: 2 late! mad
Posted By: mbot

Re: initialization warning - 14/01/04 03:35 PM


Super nice.

/me bows and thanks.
Posted By: Adrenalin

Re: initialization warning - 14/01/04 06:47 PM

If you whant to change the options directly to mirc.ini you need to do that when mirc is closed.. Because mirc load mirc.ini config only "on START".. After(when it is still run) it ignore if the mirc.ini config is changed.. It accept only the changes from gui..
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