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Posted By: liam2maps

mimicing text - 13/01/04 05:13 AM

Hi I am new here and I am hoping you can throw me a bone. There was a bot on a previous server that had a command where it was able to say what you requested to be said.

For example if I typed
/botserv say #channel Blah blah
It would reply
<ChannelBot> Blah blah

I am wondering if there is a script that could have the same effect.

Say if I typed in a query
!secret trigger Hello World.
A bot under my control would reply
<FunkyBot> Hello World.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: mimicing text - 13/01/04 08:38 AM

on *:TEXT:!say *:#: /msg $chan $2-

The blue potion is the event. this can be TEXT, ACTION (for /me's), NOTICE (for /notices) as well as others. for a nice list, just type /help on and a few will show up.

The red shows what text you are looking for. You want anything beginning with !say <some text here>. The * means "any value", so !say would me !say <watever>.

The green is the channel you want it to work with. By default, # meany "any channel". If you want just your channel, you can use #<name>. If you want a few channel, seperate with commas (#chan1,#chan2,#chan3)

The orange is the command. You can use /msg /query or /notice. The $chan is an identifier representing the channel it was said on. When mirc evluates it, it will replace $chan. The same with $nick, being the name of the user to trigger it.

the $2- is an identifier meaning the "2nd word onward". Using this as your example, mirc seperates the values by words. $1 would be !say and $2 would be the first thing said after say. ex: "!say Hello, world!"
$1 = !say
$2 = Hello,
$3 = world
the hyphen (-) after the $2 means "start at the second word, and continue going". So in effect it saves you from typing $2 $3 $4 $5 ...

Hope that helps you out. If you need any more assistance, either use /help (command or topic) or ask on the forums!
Posted By: liam2maps

Re: mimicing text - 13/01/04 11:13 AM

Firstly let me say thanks for taking the effort and time to help another human and reply. I will test this script you give and post back to confirm if it solved my query but if it doesn't at least you tried and that I am greatful of.
Posted By: liam2maps

Re: mimicing text - 13/01/04 11:30 AM

Ok it seems to be fine and dandy. Kudos and God Bless you.
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