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PHP/mySQL + sockets = IRCBOT!!!!!!!!

Posted By: ATMA

PHP/mySQL + sockets = IRCBOT!!!!!!!! - 10/12/02 11:57 PM

how the hell do i get mirc to interact with a php file from the net and i know it can be done with sockets i just dont know how to do it could some one tell ME!!!!!

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Posted By: Pasmal

Re: PHP/mySQL + sockets = IRCBOT!!!!!!!! - 11/12/02 01:26 AM

Learn the HTTP protocol, http://www.hdesk.org/documents/protocol/http.php

#HelpDesk's _former_ bot used to communicate with a website to synch its userlists, it's not too hard wink
Posted By: wshs

Re: PHP/mySQL + sockets = IRCBOT!!!!!!!! - 11/12/02 06:44 AM

Or you could use my dll, available from mircscripts.org, but it's got a memory leak frown
Posted By: GrimZ

Re: PHP/mySQL + sockets = IRCBOT!!!!!!!! - 11/12/02 07:15 AM

I'll vouche for it being very simple too. My script is nothing more then sockets interacting with my various sites to fetch news, forum, online, queue XML feed leeches and things of the such (SQL data too) .... it's very handy.
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