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Posted By: BIGeMpTy

$msfile - 23/12/03 06:29 AM

In the help file it says that $msfile will return the filenames and will return -1 if too many files are selected. Does anyone have any experience with this? How many is too many? Does it not return any of the selected files if you were like 1 over?

I know there are a couple of dlls for accomplishing this same task and that they are limited to the 900 character limit for assigning variables. Is this identifier also limited in this way?

Posted By: qwerty

Re: $msfile - 23/12/03 11:37 AM

Unfortunately $msfile suffers from the >900-char limitation. "Too many" in $msfile means "when the lengths of the selected file names added together (without the path) and then added to the length of the folder name exceed ~980 chars".

This makes $msfile almost unusable. And it's a shame because there is already $msfile(N); one would think that the >900-char limitation would not apply here since we're accessing each file separately (they aren't all dumped in a single string).
Posted By: BIGeMpTy

Re: $msfile - 23/12/03 04:52 PM

yeah I was thinking the same thing about $msfile(N)...that answers my question perfectly...thank you...

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