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Away Time

Posted By: Albano

Away Time - 21/12/03 07:39 PM

i want to show duration away time when i go away, but on whois just like this one

SixEssex is [email]SixEssex@[/email] = * Ch
SixEssex using home.server.com Just Test!
SixEssex has sensitive ears
SixEssex Away 2mins 44segs
SixEssex End of /WHOIS list.

I have tried with $duration($awaytime) but not work any idea?
Thnx in advance
Posted By: sparta

Re: Away Time - 21/12/03 07:41 PM

//away away message $time

or set the time as a %var.. then update the %var.. and report that one back.. /away awaymessage %awaytime

then set %awaytime $time .. and update the %var every seccond
Posted By: Albano

Re: Away Time - 21/12/03 07:50 PM

hmm i not wish to show time, but how time i am away from server or channel.
Maybe your code update the time eg. 23:11:55
Posted By: Tsunami

Re: Away Time - 21/12/03 08:09 PM

that whois is probably from an IRCop. IRCops can see it when they get whoised, and add things to it. Normal users can't do this...
Posted By: Albano

Re: Away Time - 25/12/03 09:46 PM

i not wish to show who whois me, man. Just check what i say.
I want to show duration away, but on whois when people whoising me.

others... any idea??
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