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newb question

Posted By: Assassin

newb question - 16/11/03 05:47 AM

ok i know how to get a script to say some text when somebody says certain text in a channel, eg

 on *:TEXT:text to respond to :#:{ msg $chan text that appears } 

but what i want is for the script to say something back to someone if my name is said, i tried

on *:TEXT:*$me text to respond to:#:{ msg $chan $nick text that appears } 

but it dosen't work, my nick isn't always the same either so i cant just put my nick as it appears on irc either, any ideas ?
Posted By: Ashkrynt

Re: newb question - 16/11/03 06:03 AM

to embed identifiers in matchtext you need to use $()
on *:TEXT:$(* $+ $me) text to respond to:#:{ msg $chan $nick text that appears }

Posted By: Assassin

Re: newb question - 16/11/03 06:14 AM


edit * 1 last question, is there any way for it to pick up on my nick and then any of the following set of words

eg if i wanted to have my it respond to my nick and say either war, clan, server

someone saying my nick then none of the above words and it says nothing where as if it were to say 1 of the words it would reply with the set text

hope thats clear blush


2nd edit * sorry grin how would i put a " 's" at the end of my nick i tried $me's and $me('s) but neither worked, not suprising as it was a shot in the dark
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