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I'm sure you all have seen those nice spam/trojan "Double Click Here" URL PM's that are going around on some networks. Well we have a small infestation of them over on our network atm, and while the Oper's are dealing with them, I thought perhaps a REMOTE script, that would detect the text string they use, and auto-message services to do a G-Line would be handy.

The problem is, I can't find a way to get the @host part of their [email]User@host[/email], so that I can include it in the command syntax for our services. *!*@host doesn't work.. it has to be *@host (Pesky undernet coders).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as these pests keep coming in and out of channels then PM'ing their spam/virus to all the members of the channels...

$site gives the host part
$+(*@,$site) gives *@host
$address gives [email]user@host[/email]
 $right( $address( $nick ,2) , $calc( $len( $address( $nick ,2) ) -2 ) ) 

  $gettok( $address( $nick ,2),2,33) 

You can better do with regex, but i don't get that yet :-p
if your useing SRVX +x hides the persons @host and stuff so u need to msg opserv (if your opers) to get it sometimes you can also get IPs and stuff
Returns the address of the user who triggered an event in the form *!*@host.
From the original post:
*!*@host doesn't work
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