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cant connect 10013 error

Posted By: masterpade

cant connect 10013 error - 21/08/03 04:54 PM

I wont let me connect to various servers. I get this error

[4:30AM] * [10013] Permission denied
[4:30AM] * Disconnected

im also behind a linksys router/firewall.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: cant connect 10013 error - 22/08/03 04:28 AM

You can find descriptions of various errors at http://support.ipswitch.com/kb/WSK-19980721-EM01.htm

Have you tried checking the network's website for a current list of servers?

As far as your router/firewall, in general be sure its allowing mIRC and the various server ports (6660-6669,7000-7001 and 113 for identd and also enable identd in mIRC's options) and that you have done whatever port forwarding is needed
Posted By: masterpade

Re: cant connect 10013 error - 24/08/03 08:37 PM

ok Could someone tell me how to port foreward for a linksys. Or tell me a script that might do it, cuz im still getting this disconnected stuff.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: cant connect 10013 error - 25/08/03 07:46 AM

you can find linksys links in this thread

Have you tried other servers/networks?
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