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When i try to connect to tmi.twitch.tv port 6667 im getting this error '-tmi.twitch.tv- Improperly formatted auth'
I've tried to connect to tmi.chat.twitch.tv as well. The oauth key is being inputted correctly i believe. "oauth:" at the beginning, key after.

I had noticed other threads regarding the 7.4x changes (?) and shifted my password down to the last box. I did notice that error only started when i had done that. Previously i was getting a flat login fail. So it seems im on the right track?
Really not sure whats going on here, if anyone can help out here. I'd apprecaite it smile

mIRC version 7.63
I hadn't tried to connect to twitch in a long time, and I had similar trouble as you, until I finally got the combo they want. There may be other setting which also work, but I used:

address = irc.chat.twitch.tv
port = 6667

TOP PASSWORD = oath:oathstringgoeshere

login method: SASL (/CAP)

bottom password = leave blank

As I understand it, the top password is for servers that require the password before even allowing you to connect, while the bottom password is for stuff like nickserv.

Once I connected, I did get a couple of errors, but I doubt these are fatal, other than I don't have the correct CAP commands set.

USERHOST Unknown command
LIST Unknown command
That absolutely worked!

First password field holds my oauth
connecting by Login Method SASL (/CAP)
second password field empty

Up and running, thanks a ton @maroon. You da MVP
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