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Bitdefender VPN causes disconnect

Posted By: pctek_1957

Bitdefender VPN causes disconnect - 06/07/20 08:18 PM

When I use Bitdefender VPN, I can connected to an IRC Undernet server, but after 5-10 minutes my connection is dropped. I can reconnect fine for another 5-10 minutes and I'll get dropped again. If I don't use the Bitdefender VPN, My connection is rock solid and no disconnects. I have contacted Bitdefender Support and they are of no use. This issue did not happen in older versions of Bitdefender VPN.

I am assuming that when the Undernet server pings me to make sure my connection is active, Bitdefender VPN is blocking the reply so I get disconnected.

Any help would be great! Thank you
Posted By: maroon

Re: Bitdefender VPN causes disconnect - 06/07/20 10:49 PM

I don't have an answer, but something maybe to try, see if this works, which makes a timer that pings yourself every 45 seconds, which you can change the interval, as well as removing the dot so you can see when yourself is pinging. Something like this can also trigger a reconnect if it makes the client suddenly realize you're not connected. It's purposely not -o because there's no point in continuing to ping yourself after you've intentionally disconnected.

on *:CONNECT:{ .timer $+ $network 0 45 .ping $!me }
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