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Cannot assign requested address

Posted By: beaston

Cannot assign requested address - 20/06/20 06:40 PM

This happens when I move locations with my laptop, thus connecting to a new wifi network. Closing and re-opening mIRC does not fix this. It requires me to reboot my system before I can even connect to *any* irc network. At the same time, I can use any other program to acess websites/etc.
Posted By: maroon

Re: Cannot assign requested address - 21/06/20 05:58 PM

I've never seen such a message, so I'm not sure if you're referring to an error in the status window, or a message from windows itself.

It's possible that this has something to do with the answer to the firewall question the first time you ran mirc.exe from that folder. You can try reinstalling mirc into a new folder like c:\mirc\ then be careful how you answer the firewall question when you first connect from the new folder.
Posted By: beaston

Re: Cannot assign requested address - 21/06/20 09:37 PM

It's in the mirc status windows, and only happens when I change wifi networks. It happens every time, but works fine as long as I stay on the same wifi network. I don't use any firewall (including the one supplied by windows.) I'm on 3 separate IRC networks, and cannot connect to any of them. My web browser works fine as well as telegram and the desktop version of facebook messenger.
Posted By: beaston

Re: Cannot assign requested address - 14/10/20 05:30 PM

The only reason I haven't seen this error since my last post is only because I haven't had to change wifi networks in the past several months at least after opening/closing mirc. The only fix for this is to reboot my computer and is getting very annoying.

Please advise!

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Posted By: Khaled

Re: Cannot assign requested address - 14/10/20 05:48 PM

You should not have to close and re-run mIRC at all in this situation. I change wifi networks all the time without issues.

However, if you have tried closing mIRC and running it again, and this still hasn't resolved the issue, this usually means that there is an issue with your Windows network configuration, anti-virus/firewall, router, and/or internet connection.
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