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Reconnecting to wrong port

Posted By: Demented329

Reconnecting to wrong port - 27/02/20 09:45 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble with the automatic reconnect. On my server, I connect to two different ports (1025 and 1026). Now, when I get disconnected, mIRC reconnects but it uses port 6667 instead of 1025 and 1026, even though it was connected to these ports before it got disconnected.

How can I make it automatically reconnect to the correct port?

Thanks in advance
Posted By: Demented329

Re: Reconnecting to wrong port - 28/02/20 06:46 PM

Hi again,

what I've figured out so far is it has something to do with a server being added to the server list.
For testing purposes, I added an entry named 'local' with localhost on port 6667 as server.
When connecting to localhost using '/server localhost 1026' and then closing the connection from the server side, mIRC first tries to reconnect on port 1026, but any other attempts will be directed towards port 6667.


[19:38:11] * [10053] Software caused connection abort
[19:38:11] * Disconnected
[19:38:14] * Connect retry #1 localhost (1026)
[19:38:16] * Unable to connect to server (Connection refused)
[19:38:19] * Connect retry #2 localhost (6667)
[19:38:21] * Unable to connect to server (Connection refused)

However, if I remove that server from the server list, it continues to reconnect on the correct port.

Using Version 7.59, btw.

I made a video on how to reproduce the problem:

Since I know what causes the error, this thread can be seen as 'fixed'. However, it might be a bug so maybe move it to the correct section.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Reconnecting to wrong port - 03/03/20 06:35 PM

That looks fine. mIRC will always cycle through the list of ports you have defined for a server in the servers list.
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