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Can't DCC Send

Posted By: BMX50

Can't DCC Send - 21/09/17 05:35 PM


i have read through this thread and i can't DCC Sebd. i have done all that has been suggested and still no luck. //dns username and /$ip match up, router port forwarding matches mirc dcc ports. i don't know what else to try. i can receive files no problem. i'm on windows 10 64 bit using Mirc 7.51 and omensever 2.60. anyone have any suggestion please?
Posted By: maroon

Re: Can't DCC Send - 21/09/17 10:03 PM

you weren't clear whether this was a new install or upgraded. One thing you can try is adding an additional fresh install of mirc. If that one can dcc send, then either you've done something like having an anti-virus blocking this mirc from initiating port traffic to the internet, or having someone one one of the ignore lists, or interference from one of your scripts.
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