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Posted By: Jonas Abjects - 14/04/15 04:00 AM
Hi people. Is abjects a dead network now this days? I used that server a lot for different purposes but is been a while that I cant figure out how to connect. Any help will be highly appreciated
Posted By: Raccoon Re: Abjects - 14/04/15 06:43 AM

(SSL) /server irc.us.abjects.net +9999
(SSL) /server irc.eu.abjects.net +9999
/server irc.us.abjects.net 6668
/server irc.eu.abjects.net 6667

I would say this network is suffering from chronic DNS failures or mismanagement since February. I would encourage you to type /links when you've connected, then try connecting to each of the individually linked servers and save their IP addresses to your Server List, if the prospect of continued DNS mismanagement still looms.
Posted By: Jonas Re: Abjects - 27/04/15 03:52 AM

Posted By: mikemmx Re: Abjects - 21/08/16 12:20 AM
Thanks! I though it was dead. was not able to connect for months. maybe my ISP(Charter) is blocking it irc.abjects.net?
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