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Registration timeout problem

Posted By: Tarekhere

Registration timeout problem - 29/05/14 09:44 PM

Hello guys, i have a serious problem here

When i try to connect to a server (this issue happens only on one server, other servers doesnt do the same error) it returns to me this problem .

Closing link: (unknown@xxx.xx.xxx.xxx) [Registration timeout]

I tried changing nick, sending ping and pong
still does the same, knowing that my internet connection is not slow its 900 mbps speed.

Help please ! Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Registration timeout problem - 06/06/14 08:22 AM

There can be a number of reasons for this issue: you may be using a nickname that someone else has registered; the server may require you to send something like "/quote pass" followed by a number or word; the server may not be processing the CAP request (affects older servers that have not been updated); or the server may be experiencing a temporary issue. You can type the command "/debug @debug" in the status window in mIRC which will open a debug window. Now try connecting again and the debug window will display exactly what mIRC is sending/receiving to/from the server. This may help you track down the issue.
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