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Posted By: BluneS [10101] Host disconnected - 02/04/11 06:14 AM
I searched the forums for any 10101, but only found 1 topic but didn't seem relevant to mine.

Here's some info:
MIRC Ver 7.19
Windows 7 32-bit

MIRC was working perfectly yesterday, I booted up my computer today and MIRC was giving me this. I changed nothing since the last time I was running MIRC.

* Connecting to irc.deltaanime.net (6667)
* [10101] Host disconnected
* Disconnected
* Connect retry #1 irc.deltaanime.net (6667)
* [10101] Host disconnected
* Disconnected
Posted By: Handle_With_Care Re: [10101] Host disconnected - 02/04/11 08:32 PM
You might try emailing delta@deltaanime.net to see if they are experiencing technical difficulties. Also, see if there are alternative servers on that network.
Posted By: BluneS Re: [10101] Host disconnected - 02/04/11 08:42 PM
Thanks, gonna go ahead and do that.

I tried to email them.
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 Mailbox quota exceeded (state 14).

I was able to connect through a webchat, gonna try to get a hold of them on there for support.
Posted By: Handle_With_Care Re: [10101] Host disconnected - 02/04/11 08:50 PM
I'd pretty much say that speaks for itself. Many of the smaller IRC networks/servers don't last all that long.

I see there is a list of servers for that network at: http://deltaanime.net/servers

Your search engine is your friend.
Posted By: BluneS Re: [10101] Host disconnected - 02/04/11 09:08 PM
Tried those servers and I get "* Unable to resolve server"

Kinda wierd, can connect through a webchat just fine but using MIRC and I can't connect.

#support couldn't do much, he had me change port and nothing.

Guess I am stuck with webchat for now until I can find a solution.
Posted By: KindOne Re: [10101] Host disconnected - 02/04/11 09:42 PM
I just connected to the server with no issue.

/server -m irc.deltaanime.net
Posted By: BluneS Re: [10101] Host disconnected - 16/04/11 02:06 AM
Bump, wondering if someone might know about this.
Posted By: BluneS Re: [10101] Host disconnected - 22/04/11 11:16 PM
Spoke with someone on IRC about this and here is what I got.

I can confirm this is on your ISP's side. It appears as if several ISPs are taking over irc.deltaanime.net for their own malicious reasons

Likely we've been added to a blacklist of sorts. We are investigating the issue, but can confirm that it is ISP-side. You should be able to connect through irc.frantech.ca in the interm.

I am able to connect to irc.frantech.ca but shortly after I get
* [10053] Software caused connection abort
One step closer to being able to get on mirc and yes I am aware that 10053 is a general error.
That error is one of the most common, and sadly, one of the least informative in terms of fixing it.
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: [10101] Host disconnected - 23/04/11 01:07 AM
Heh. Not sure how much I'd believe those claims. ISPs don't take over IRC domains. Hackers could, but ISPs wouldn't. ISPs may block a domain that is known to be dangerous, but that's about all. It can still be your ISP, but their reasoning probably isn't correct.
Posted By: BluneS Re: [10101] Host disconnected - 29/04/11 12:34 AM
I am able to get on MIRC connecting to irc.deltaanime.net
Looks like it was an ISP issue, I think.

I'm just glad that I can use mirc again.
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