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connection problem

Posted By: tassat

connection problem - 21/08/10 02:36 AM

I just upgraded to version 7.1

after the upgrade i no longer can connect to an irc server with the exception of the one listed in the mirc.ini file listed under the host key( assuming the info is correct)

when i try to connect to a different server the port# does not change.

ex if i connect to

irc.server.com on port 6667

i can connect to that server(assuming no host key entry in mirc.ini)

if i then try to connect to irc.server2.com port 6669 it tries to connect to irc.server2.com port 6667

after having no sucess i remove my mirc installation and did a full installation and i get the say error.

any idea what going on???
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: connection problem - 21/08/10 12:13 PM

How are you trying to connect?

/server irc.server.net 6669
Posted By: tassat

Re: connection problem - 21/08/10 12:57 PM

i have tried

/server irc.server2.net 6669

in a new window and i have tried connecting from the server list in a new window both with the same results.
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