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Invisible ip .....

Posted By: noMen

Invisible ip ..... - 29/05/10 09:04 AM

I experienced someting creepy. Some guy keeps coming WITHOUT an ip-address and gets instant ownerstatus. His join looks like this:

* Nick (~ident@) has joined #room
* Nick sets mode: +q Nick

I understand why he got ownerstatus. That is because the accesslist contained an ownerentry. I removed that entry and now he cannot join the room because there are some entries on the banlist. It seems that every entry on the accesslist is valid for him, because his IP is invisible.

The question is: how is it possible that his IP cannot been seen? The admin of the server does see his IP while he connects to the server.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Invisible ip ..... - 29/05/10 01:04 PM

If the admin can see the IP address, then the network and other services on the network can also see that address.

It sounds like, to me, that the person has managed to create a vhost address which does not display. Exactly how they did this (if in fact this is what they have done), I'm not sure.

If they have set a vhost that consists of non-printable characters, then it would appear to be invisible or missing.

Examples of non-printable characters are
$chr(2) Ctrl+b Bold text
$chr(3) Ctrl+k Colour text
$chr(15) Ctrl+o Normal text
$chr(22) Ctrl+r Reversed text
$chr(31) Ctrl+u Underlined text

Posted By: Khaled

Re: Invisible ip ..... - 29/05/10 01:07 PM

Which version of mIRC are you using? If you use "/debug on" to enable debug output to a debug.log file, can you see the user's address in that file when they join your channel?
Posted By: noMen

Re: Invisible ip ..... - 29/05/10 05:03 PM

I (still) use 6.17 and will try /debug.

Btw, it gets stranger and stranger. It appears that when this guy joins with a visible ip (which somtimes happens), he cannot join channels were somebody else (different ip) is banned. Only after dropping all bans he is able to join the room.

Beats me ....

This all happens on an IRCX Windows server (Paul Heinlein version).
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