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Disconnection problem

Posted By: PO3

Disconnection problem - 21/11/08 06:53 PM

Hello how to stop disconnection problem it disconnect at a random times nothing else loose Connection just mIRC any idea why ?
Posted By: sparta

Re: Disconnection problem - 21/11/08 09:16 PM

If you connect to the server by: /server irc.server.com . Then try connect to the servers IP, type /dns server.address in any window and look in your status window. you can also try change port to the server, 6667 is often used, but if you look in the motd (message of the day) you maybe find more listening ports in it. (if the server are added in the server list in mirc, then you maybe can see the ports there). I hope this can help you.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Disconnection problem - 22/11/08 01:35 AM

Additionally, there would be some kind of message sent by the server when you are disconnected. This message, by default, will show in the Status Window for that network.

If you provide us with that message, we might be of more assistance.
Posted By: PO3

Re: Disconnection problem - 22/11/08 05:47 PM

seems to stop on mIRC 6.21
Posted By: PO3

Re: Disconnection problem - 25/11/08 05:40 PM

spoke too soon but it does not disconnect as much as 6.34
Posted By: RoCk

Re: Disconnection problem - 25/11/08 05:45 PM

See if this helps.
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