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Disconnections on being IDLE

Posted By: King0fHearts

Disconnections on being IDLE - 06/07/07 04:36 AM

My mIRC keeps getting disconnected when i am idle. I stay online for most of the time. But whenever i am idle, it disconnects me.

I have also tried several servers to check if there is problem with some specific server, but it just doesnt work.

Is it any type of bug? Can anyone help me with the issue?

Posted By: King0fHearts

Re: Disconnections on being IDLE - 06/07/07 04:38 AM

I am using mIRC version 6.17. I hope thats required.
Posted By: Collective

Re: Disconnections on being IDLE - 06/07/07 04:38 AM

What messages do you receive in your status window when you are disconnected?

What versions of mIRC/Windows are you running?

Edit: It's generally a good idea to test bugs on the latest version of mIRC, with no scripts installed.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Disconnections on being IDLE - 06/07/07 10:10 AM

This usually means that the IRC server is closing your connection for being idle. mIRC has a "check for timed out connection" in the mIRC Options Connect/Options dialog. This pings the server every so often to ensure that the connection is still alive. If the connection is not alive, this results in a disconnection and a subsequent reconnect attempt.
Posted By: King0fHearts

Re: Disconnections on being IDLE - 06/07/07 11:59 AM

I just dont know the reason. My mIRC clients have been working fine and all of sudden i am facing this problem. I am mIRC freak, I'd really be thankful if someone help me out.

The optin "Check for timed out connection" was selected. Should i deselect it?

I'll be thankful for the forum mates if someone can take some time and guide.

Posted By: Mentality

Re: Disconnections on being IDLE - 06/07/07 12:28 PM

As Collective asked, what is the error message you receive when you disconnect? It should appear in your Status window.

If it's 'Software caused connection abort' as I suspect it is, you're best off sifting through this sticky thread as there are many many solutions contained within. The most common solutions are in ParaBrat's first post, but some users have posted alternatives in the posts after that.

This is not a bug and so I have moved the thread to the Connection Issues board.
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